Selling a business is a complicated process involving many important questions and considerations. For most business owners this once in a lifetime event will be their largest financial transaction. Untold blood, sweat and tears were invested in building your business. Committing to a sale or acquisition is financially important, and is ripe with emotions and paths to choose. Full success requires understanding of both sides of the buy/sell coin.

The M&A Group’s emphasis is selling middle market companies with revenues up to $50 million and assisting business buyers in acquisition searches. As professional intermediaries, we work with key advisors, buyers, and sellers to accomplish successful transfers of business ownership. We bring clients the benefits of intensive research, analysis, innovation, and execution. There is no substitute for The M&A Group’s market knowledge joined with our disciplined M&A process. Our approach to selling a business is powerful and effective.

The M&A Group’s advisory team welcomes the opportunity to work confidentially to achieving your objectives We are prepared to visit confidentially to help you understand our services.

In addition, we are ready to serve you with a full suite of M&A services. We focus on finding the best solutions in the areas of financial structure and solutions, outsourced business development such as strategy and business enhancements, completing business appraisals or benchmarks for answering “what is my company worth”, and educating deal makers and advisors through effective M&A strategies.


  • Successfully marketing a business for sale requires substantial depth of resources as well as a specialized strategy. The success of our innovative approach results from combining a proprietary database of over 20,000 active buyers, industry-leading information, effective marketing strategies and state-of-the-art technology.
  • Our research department utilizes hundreds of the most advanced online services and marketing resources, providing data on over 38 million firms and daily monitoring of over 2,000 newspapers, trade magazines and e-newsletters. Sophisticated search programs create customized, targeted lists to identify the best potential acquirers. Our proprietary buyer database allows us to match sellers with over 10,000 active acquirers.
  • Our network of nationwide affiliates ensures a team of experts is ready to offer localized expertise at any time when needed for a particular transaction. Combining The M&A Group’s marketing resources and thorough, targeted approach turns raw data into relevant, in-depth information – the perfect recipe to produce success for our clients.

No Other M&A Firm Creates Demand for Your Company the Way We Do!

The M&A Group markets your company directly to a broad range of targeted buyers, always maintaining total confidentiality and controlling all access to your information.

We’ve disrupted the way midsize companies are sold because we want to give our clients the greatest number of attractive opportunities when they bring their most valuable asset to market.

There are now so many companies that can afford to do a $5 million-$50 million deal, hundreds of thousands of companies globally. There can be up to 10,000 buyers for every company on the market today, yet the traditionalists are only going to contact 50 to 100 buyers at most!

The M&A Group believes there is a better way.

The more buyers you go to, the more bids you’re going to get, the higher the price, the better the fit, period.

The M&A Group has developed a proprietary database of over 4,500 private equity groups and 250,000 strategic companies that quickly identifies the greatest number of buyers for your company.

Preparing the Business for Sale

The M&A Group  has helped owners exit their business and realize maximum value. In many years of practice we discovered that we were able to get far better results when we were able to work with our client well in advance of the actual business sale process. We helped them identify the value drivers and value detractors that would determine both the sale price and the payment terms of the transaction. We work with the business owner to:

  • Identify company strengths and weaknesses
  • Benchmark performance against the industry
  • Identify areas to increase company value
  • Recommend value creation strategies
  • Identify areas of value erosion and actions to reduce impact
  • Create roadmap to create maximum value